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One of the oldest pubs in Belper serving Real Ales and the finest Lager.


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Our Story

Welcome To The George and Dragon Hotel

The George & Dragon one of Belper’s oldest and finest public houses.
Serving Real Ales and making people feel welcome for nearly 200 years.
Situated on the main A6, at the north end of Belper, the George and Dragon has something for everyone.

A quiet corner, to sit and enjoy a pint from our excellent range of Real Ales or maybe the open-plan section of the pub, with its large wooden tables, is the ideal place for you and your friends to get together.

In the summer our beer garden is a great place to enjoy your drink, along with views of the Derbyshire countryside.

As with all good traditional pubs there are plenty of activities for you to join in with. We have teams in most of the local pub leagues and Friday nights at the George have always been associated with some of the best live music you will find in Belper.

Within walking distance of many of Belper’s best restaurants, the George is a popular venue for diners to gather before going onto their restaurant or to continue the evening once the meal is finished.


19th April SheRoks are rocking the Beerfest @ the George and Dragon Hotel Belper

SheRoks are a cracking rock covers band doing Acdc, Motorhead, Zeplin... etc etc Free entry... just drink the Beer 8.30pm til 11pm come on down the price is correct

The George gets trashed Sat 13th of April 9pm onwards

The Mighty Mick Doyle's trio of Cajun and Celtic wandering minstrels, that come together to form the Fabulous SWAMPTRASH... playing from 9pm here at the GND (GEORGE AND DRAGON)

The Sarah Knight band play April 12th @ the George and Dragon

The  Fabulous Sarah knight and crew bring A hard hitting blues rock band made up of Sarah Knights powerful vocals, screaming guitar and a solid rhythm section. An amazing, total must see live show!

Easter Georgefest 18th to 20th of April

A quick question? Do you like Beer? Yes? Well April 18th sees the start of our St George's Beerfest weekend and Easter weekend all mixed into one... we have 20 plus real ales 5 real ciders and 3 bands playing 9pm Friday- SheRoks classic rock covers, 9pm Saturday-...

NATIVE BEAR AT the George and Dragon hotel 6th of April

A Selection of covers from Belper best loved Duo of musical wonderfulness Jasper and Morgan... these pair will have George and Dragon Belper bouncing Saturday night.. acoustic popular covers

Mat Williams… 5th April returns to the George and Dragon Hotel… singer song writer

The Fabulous musician Mat returns to do solo at the George. Mat has a fabulous range of tunes genres... truely entertaining and engaging... he makes a eukalele sing like no other

The Midnight specials 30th March at the George and Dragon Hotel

Fun Americana, country and old time blues... makes even the tightest lipped yee haa

Synner 29th of March coming to the George and Dragon hotel Belper

If you like to Rock these guys will Blow you away... Zepplin Sabbath Metallica... by hec they'll have you rocking  

Skittles Reprieve for George B

Following a major cock up by a certain member of the Team Dragon staff... the submission of a George and Dragon B team skittles team to the JCB and sons Belper skittles league nearly didn't happen... fortunately disaster was averted as the league kindly allowed the...

Landlady of George and Dragon hotel Belper preps for Derby 10k

Land lady of the George and Dragon hotel Belper Rebecca puts aside stresses of the preparations for April 18th GEORGEFEST Beer festival and is resting up ready for 7th of April Derby 10k... Last summer she did the derby half marathon... so what's the best way to...

Music nights lots of fun at George and Dragon Hotel

It's a proven fact people who laugh and smile on a night out enjoy themselves at least 100% more than folk who sit around moaning and complaining about the place they are in... Above research done by Shandy Tennick in the George and Dragon Belper people behaviours...


Spotted for the first time at Thursday night's horse racing was the signs of spring at the George as a young gent brings nesting spring chicks to the George... Staff said how excited they were to see the end of winter as the nesting birds frolacked in their new...

Ghost spotted last night in bar of George and Dragon Hotel

Last night the world famous most haunted pub on bridge street opposite a furniture reclaim shop was visited by a strange enterty... Landlord Craig commented ' the alarm had been triggered so I dashed down to see if we had intruders' But on my arrival the alarm was set...

Flocking into the George and Dragon Belper

Not just drinkers flocking into the George and Dragon Belper, we have ever improving decor with flock of birds now roosting in our bay window

Loony Party and Wetherspoons love us

In the Autumn The George and Dragon was the venue for the National conference of the Monster Raving Loony Party. Many things were discussed such as a 99p coin, money being made out of plastic and seatbelt’s to be fitted to all pub seats. But one of the looniest things...


What People are Saying

Margaret Smith 5/5

Recently stayed in one of the rooms for a few nights. Lovely room, very comfortable. Staff friendly and helpful. Had a great stay. Look forward to returning very soon.

Andrew Dabbo 5/5

My father and I enjoyed this pub for it’s simplicity and atmosphere. We visited many pubs in the UK on our holiday from Australia and we felt very comfortable here and welcomed by locals and staff.

Aileen Tilley  5/5 Facebook

Great band and pint… ladies toilets are fab too

Scott Doonican  5/5 Facebook

Superb hospitality, great ale, lovely rooms and a fab atmosphere. Would happily return.